Ted, Eternal Librarian

High ranking member in the church of Boccob. Where there is new magic, he will soon be there.


9 Str
9 Dex
14 Con
26 Int
15 Wis
15 Cha

69 Hitpoints.

18* AC (It is commonly bumped up to 22 due to Mage armor (13 hour duration) and if given preparation even higher due to Shield and Protection from Evil/Law/Chaos)

Fort Save- 10
Reflex- 9* (Animal Companion grants a +2 to reflex saves)
Will- 14 (16* against mind affecting and spells)
Cloak grants +4 on saves (Included in stats)



Knowledge is power, so knowing the most gives you the most power. The only child of the lower courts Lord and Lady Kilor, he surprised his parents when he displayed magical power at the age of five when he cast a “Mending” spell on a friends doll after watching an arch mage do it the previous day. Whisked away to a magical school, his hunger for knowledge and learning was barely contained. Graduating from the academy at the age of eleven, he began to spend more time in libraries, spending weeks pouring over old tomes, memorizing spells, perfecting his technique, and giving revolutionary speeches on the theories of magic to his former peers.

He began attracting attention from both the churches of Wee Jas and Boccob, and emissaries sent their favors to try and secure his allegiance. Eternal Librarian Joseph Thom and Ruby Master Glim Darkclaw both visited him personally, and while it was a difficult decision, he sided with the church of Boccob. He has, however, continued to give favors and services to members of Wee Jas and is known as an ally to both churches. Librarian Joseph instructed Theodore, now Ted, until his late teens, and taught him was would become Ted’s Creed.

“Knowledge should not be kept secret, but shared with the world. How can others marvel at your work if you leave it in the dark?”

He eagerly accepted each new duty and assignment, establishing connections and gathering hundreds of years of study for the church. He eventually rose to the highest rank of the church, but in the end his initiative would be his downfall. Despite his intelligence, he would get excited easily, and was known to grab a colleague, regardless of what they were doing, and teleport somewhere in search of lost artifacts. Such a fate befell him and his Cleric friend Varan when he heard about an artifact staff of immeasurable power in his readings in a not too far away cavern. Seeing what could be the weapon to end the goblin war and a powerful tool for new research, he and his cleric friend teleported to a cave and were quickly turned to stone by a beholder. For one hundred years they were frozen, until a group of wandering adventurers freed him and his friend.

Since he was freed, he traveled with the party. While not “Good” he does respect the fact that they did “save” his life and is thus indebted to them. Also, exciting and magical things seem to happen around them, and the monk refuses to let him analyze the staff of power, so he will stay with them for quite a time. He has started to grow a little attached to them, defending them to the best of his ability. His “shoot first, question when it’s dead” attitude has created more than one tough situation, but nothing the combined might of the PCs couldn’t handle.


He is a true neutral. Let Good fight evil and evil fight good, he is on the side of magic. While prone to some chaotic behavior such as grabbing friends and teleporting them to random places or shooting a ghost-thing that he thinks is going to attack the group, he is also bound by a set of internal rules and laws and follows the laws of the church. Such internal laws include never forgetting a kindness or a fault, and respect your allies in magical learning regardless of their background or pre-disposition. (He has worked with Lich in the past as well as Aismar. NOTE: Goblins however, have proven to him to be unworthy to wield magic, caring more about destruction and spreading of their own ideals over learning and free expression of all ideas. Also, that caster in Smashfist was a jerk.

Aware of the fact that he is a talented caster, he has been known to “trash-talk” and insult enemies as well as sometimes being a little “over the top” in applied magic, it cannot be denied he is skilled in the arcane arts.
Never-the-less, he is aware of his own mortality, often staying “35 feet away” (The size of a fireball explosion is 30 feet) and using invisibility, mental control, and a magical charm to remain ahead of the enemy.


In his absence, his castle and school he ran for the church fell under new ownership. He is currently unaware of the situation, but seeing as it is his birth land he feels obligated to return to it and re-establish his position as its primary leader. While he does not seek to change much or the command structure (His first order would be to continue life as normal and for the former “commander” to remain in command while he helps his allies uncover the truth behind the sickness ravaging the land.) Because he has the leadership feat, people are enthralled by his actions and words and generally respect his authority (which does not help reduce his level of arrogance).

It was a small school that consisted of a dozen talented students and a several other scholars and teachers who remained full time. Others would periodically stop by and he (if present) was always willing to point out a tome or piece of information they sought (sometimes for the right price). The castle rested on top of a hill and was flanked to the south by a small marshland and to the north was a large field that led to a forested area. The field was used for practicing some of the more dangerous spells (especially “fireball”, “lightning bolt”, and “cone of cold” as well as summoning spell.) The "castle itself is square shaped a side being roughly thirty feet with twenty foot tall stone walls. The square has three buildings inside, a classroom, a storeroom and a shelter to the subterranean levels. Underneath the castle is a small library and sleeping quarters for the students and teachers. The guards were either constructs or robed skeletons, both of which do not require sleep or pay. There are a few farms in the surrounding area, but due to the forest and swampland its primary source of income is hunting and fishing over agriculture. During the first goblin war, this castle was far removed from the conflict but the hunters and townspeople would be ushered inside and the gates locked.

The majority of his wealth is stored in a chest on another plane; however, a miniature chest copy is in his castle with an access key in his former quarters.


He returned to his home after escaping the collasping dragon’s tower and killing the golbin ass-mage leader. In the past one hundred years his kingdom had fallen into disrepair under his second in commands rule. After re-establishing himself as Lord Thanator, he introduced several reforms and rennovated his kingdom through magic. His return was whsipered through the magic community and he near instantly began to attract followers. His school is now al that it once was, with a few dozen students in addition to a few priests of magic and his greatest partner, Lady Endralyn Xue Virendria. They had briefly dated, but hit a rocky spot before he “disappeared”. Realizing he did not leave her she returned and they picked up where they left off. Two weeks later, they wed quietly in a small wedding just outside the castle. She handles all the kingdoms pressures and difficulties when Theodore is not around. He also attracted Headmaster Didacus Bartholomewnionusticus. His grandfather served as Theodores second in command 100 years ago and he handles all the international relations with other kingdoms and trading. A knowledgeable cleric of magic, he’s a middle aged balding man with a confident kind demeanor. While a stickler for rank, he is always willing to lend and encouraging word or advice to those who seek it.

Since his return, he actually, using an army of hundreds of skelitons, has started expanding into the nearby forest building more houses, structures, and useable farmland for his growing population. He also started building a crypt underground lair for when he becomes a lich.

Lady Endralyn Xue Virendria met when He was 18 and she was in her early twenties in human years. At first she rejected him and was convinced he was an arrogent human stealing the arcane secrets. She visited the kingdom several times and they spent several hours of study together, during which she realized, despite his haughty behavior, he had the skills to back up his words and held a large amount of compassion for his comrads and students, going out of his way to help them. After two years of one sided, awkward conversations in the library, she and him began to discuss magics. Both were captured by the others brilliance, never before had they been able to match wits with an equal, and over the course of the following year they began to feel growing attractions. After adventuring though a wizard tomb, he, with all his courage and despite his intelligence, clumsily admitted his feelings to her, and to his surprise, found the feelings were mutual. They remained together for five years, but both were struggling with Theodores mortality. Both began to despair, and tried to break off the relationship twice but both found they could not go through with it. Before he was petrified, one of his last conversations with her was an attempted break up.

After years of not seeing her beloved Theodore and unable to locate him with magic, she assumed he had finally left he. She became wracked with grief and completely immearsed herself in her study, but could not let him go. For the next one hundred years she locked herself away, studying, and refused to return to Vadel without Theodore.

One hundred years after he disappeared, he returned. Whsipers of him rippled through the magic community. When she heard of the news, she was cautious, not wanting it to be true, but when she received a message from one claiming to be Theo, she came back to Vadel, and to her astonishment, Theodore was there, right as he was when he left. Neither cared about the mortality any longer and picked up where they had left off. Theodore told her about becoming a lich for the purpose of learning magic forever, but now he also declared that his primary motivation would be to spend eternity with her. She was not repulsed by the idea and was overcome with joy. They married two weeks laer.


Being rather full of himself, he created a list of titles

Ted, Champion of Smashfist
Theodore the Enchanter
Maniac Teddy
Ted, Lore seeker of the Eternal Library
Eternal Librarian Theodore Thanatos
Lord Thanatos of Vadel
High Mage of Vadel
Ted the Magnificent
Theodore Giantmouth
He who eats his own spells

Ted, Eternal Librarian

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